Let's talk about periods.

 It’s a fact of life. It’s not shameful or scandalous.

Our mission is threefold. Supply the need, destigmatize menstruation and educate about reusable products.

We started Sister Supply in April of 2015 after Eli heard about a homeless woman who had stumbled into a local business after-hours so covered in blood that the security guard thought she had been injured. This made us think, how do homeless women handle their period? So, we began supplying local shelters with products.

But once the schools found out about us, the calls poured in. Many school systems, including our own, don’t have a budget for pads and tampons. We found that teachers and guidance counselors were paying for pads out their own pockets to help keep their students in school. Many menstruators still go without effective menstrual products -- monthly necessities -- because they can't afford them. They miss work; they miss school. You can’t buy pads and tampons with food stamps. And in Tennessee, they’re taxed as luxury items. What?

Not only are we supplying the need, we’re constantly talking about periods. When we go to a restaurant and there aren’t tampons and pads readily available, we ask, why not? We do what we can to normalize the conversation around menstruation. We’re also working with our lawmakers on getting the tax dropped on products and adding a budget line for schools. In our ideal world, tampons and pads would be stocked in bathrooms just like toilet paper and hand towels.

And don’t even get us started on menstrual cups and washable pads. Imagine if a menstruator who was struggling financially didn’t have to purchase products for 10 years!!


Superlo Foods -  sells us pads and tampons at cost. We love them!!


We supply the following schools, shelters, and organizations:

Shelby County Schools

Memphis School of Excellence

Northwest Prep Academy

Shelby County Juvenile Court

The Community Alliance for the Homeless

The Salvation Army Single Women's Lodge

The Salvation Army Memphis

Trinity Community Coalition Outreach Inc

Alliance Health Care Services

Lives Worth Saving

Restore Corps

Memphis Police Department

West Memphis Police Department

Streets Ministries

The Salvation Army Back to School Fair

Manasses High School

Presbytery of the Midsouth

Sans Child

Cummins School 

Memphis Scholars Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School

3 Wishes for Her

Project Homeless Connect

Southwind Elementary

Southwind High School

UT Relative Caregiver Program

Living Grace

Sycamore View COC Community Pantry

Room in the Inn

Lisieux Community

White Station High School

Snowden Middle School

Renewing the Mind, Body and Soul

Lowrance Elementary School

Hope House

Shelby County Juvenile Court

Memphis Scholars Academy

Shelby County Schools Department of 1MPACT, Family and Community Engagement

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis CHild (Children’s Health Law Directive & Research Center)

My Cup of Tea

Urban Child Institute

Teach for America

Crosstown High School

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program at Memphis Area Legal Services

Neshoba Unitarian

Millington Crisis Center

Memphis CHiLD

Memphis Rox

Memphis Scholars South Campus


Achievement School District


Co-founders Nikii Richey and Eli Cloud

Co-founders Nikii Richey and Eli Cloud